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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Campbell HQ


Here at Campbell, we believe that our commitment to inclusion and diversity is key to building our winning team. That’s why we’re proud to be recognized for gender diversity on our Board of Directors. Three leading organizations – the Executive Women of New Jersey, the Forum of Executive Women and the Women’s Forum of New…

Camden Plant 1936

Five Surprising Things in Our Archives

By Scott Hearn, Assistant Archivist To celebrate National Archives Month, we wanted to share a few of the interesting items we have in our archives. You might expect to find a lot of soup labels in our collection, but when you work for an iconic company like Campbell Soup, the scope of our holdings demonstrates…

Wheat field

Building on a Successful Model to Support Farmer-led Stewardship in Ohio

We are expanding our successful collaboration with Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN. Together, we’ll work with Heritage Cooperative and Ohio farmers to advance farmer-led stewardship. Across America, farmers make decisions every day that impact the health of the air, land and water. They are leading stewards of our environment, because safeguarding the planet is central to the…

Willbrandt family

Meet Celery Farmer Jake: ‘It Gives You a Lot of Pride to Grow A Quality Product’

At Campbell, we believe that real food has roots. Our company has worked closely with local and regional farmers since our earliest days – and we want you to meet one of them. Jake Willbrandt’s family has been growing celery for V8 for more than 70 years. “My great-great-grandfather emigrated from the Netherlands to Muskegon,…

NYSE closing bell

Ringing in 150 Years

Here at Campbell, we think 150 years has a nice ring to it. That’s why our 150th anniversary included ringing The Closing Bell? at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), where we’ve been listed since 1954! On October 7, we signaled the end of the day’s trading and continued our celebration of 150 years as…