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Monthly Archives: August 2020

baked ziti

The power of plant-based: Prego+

Anyone with a picky eater in the house knows the struggle of getting them to eat more of what’s good for them, especially when it comes to healthy protein and the right vegetables. Equipped with this knowledge and knowing that 83% of consumers are adding more plant-based foods into their meals,* our Prego team set…

potato farm machinery

Meet Weston Walker and His Family: ‘We Wake Up Every Day to Grow Potatoes’

At Campbell, we believe that real food has roots. For over 150 years, we’ve built strong connections with local farmers, and today, we’re proud to introduce you to our partners at Gold Dust & Walker Farms in Malin, Oregon. Since 1973, the Walker family has planted, harvested, stored, packed, and shipped premium potatoes. “We wake…

Bags of Cape Cod Chips arranged to read 40

MassLive: Cape Cod Potato Chips celebrates 40th anniversary with opening a new online store, limited edition 40th Anniversary Capsule Collection

Celebrating 40 years of good vibes on the Cape. From its founding in 1980, Cape Cod Potato Chips set out to make a snack with high-quality, carefully-selected ingredients — which is still true today. As a thank you to the community for their four decades of support, the brand team is making a donation to…

Improving Packaging Recyclability One Label at a Time

V8 is making it easier to recycle millions of beverage containers. Thanks to the dedication of our packaging and operations teams, we have made a seemingly simple change to our labels to make the containers easier to recycle. The challenge While V8 bottles have always been easy to recycle, the shrink sleeve labels around them…

veggie goldfish bags

A Veggie-Forward Snack to Smile About: Goldfish Veggie Crackers

A Campbell chef, bakery scientist, and nutritionist walk into a kitchen – but the punchline is no joke! The result is delicious new Goldfish Veggie crackers, available in two kid-friendly flavors: Cheesy Tomato and Sweet Carrot. The crackers, made with 1/3 serving of veggies, were released earlier this year, and they have the great taste…

tractor on farm at sunset

From life on a farm, to life working at Campbell

Four Campbell employees share their experiences?living on family-owned farms. Here at Campbell, we know that real food has roots. Which is why we rely on our partnerships with farmers to grow the ingredients we use in our foods with care. But our reliance on agriculture experts doesn’t stop there. Many of our employees are experts…