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Monthly Archives: September 2020


The Goldfish Capital of the World

Welcome to Willard,?a town in?Huron County, Ohio.?Population: 6,000. It may be a small town, but it?serves a big role in?making?some of our favorite?snacks.?? And now, it’s the home of the world’s largest?Goldfish?production line,?producing more Goldfish than anywhere in the world,?shaping?and baking?the?iconic?crackers?day and night.? Kids and parents across?North?America love?Goldfish, and?our team?recently?took steps to keep up?with the…

man with food

Hunger Action Month: Supporting our community food banks

September is Hunger Action Month, a nationwide movement spearheaded by Feeding America, to spread awareness about hunger. This year, Feeding America estimates that more than 54 million people could face hunger in the wake of the pandemic. We’re committed to continuing our partnerships with organizations dedicated to fighting food insecurity, and we’ve donated $6 million…