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V8 Delivers Veggie Goodness with New Protein Bars and Shakes


Campbell has developed a line of nutrition shakes and bars under the?V8 brand that deliver satisfying energy from ingredients consumers know and trust. The?V8?brand has expanded through innovation, blending together vegetable nutrition with other ingredients to deliver healthier solutions for the “on-the-go active health explorer.”

V8?Protein shakes will be available in chocolate, vanilla, or chocolate raspberry varieties, while the bars will be offered in chocolate peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, or chocolate pomegranate with cranberries flavors.

“Consumers have told us they want, but can’t find, bars and shakes made with real fruit and vegetables, and?without artificial sweeteners?–?particularly in the nutrition shakes category,” Kylee Rudd, Associate Brand Manager, Innovation Commercialization says. “Our iconic?V8?brand is posed to fill that void with satisfying energy from a blend of proteins, a quarter cup of vegetables, and sweetness from honey to deliver more healthful products consumers can trust.”


V8 Protein offer the nutritional benefits and protein consumers are looking for with authentic ingredients including:

  • Excellent source of protein (12g for shakes and 10g for bars) and good source of fiber (3g for shakes)
  • Essential vitamins and minerals delivered with real ingredients (e.g. brown rice, quinoa, vegetables)
  • No artificial sweeteners; naturally sweetened with real ingredients like cane sugar and honey
  • ? cup of vegetables in each serving

These new, delicious V8 protein bars and shakes started shipping to retailers in August or you can purchase them through Amazon.