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Celebrating 60 Years on the New York Stock Exchange


Campbell Soup Company went public on November 16, 1954 and to celebrate the 60th year on the New York Stock Exchange, President & CEO Denise Morrison was on the floor of the exchange to ring the closing bell.

Campbell has undergone quite a transformation since 1954, going from 25 varieties of soup and about 60 products to more than 400 varieties of soup and products ranging from soup to cookies to carrots! Just think –SpaghettiOs, Chunky soup and Goldfish crackers hadn’t even been introduced to American households when Campbell first went public.

In recent years, Campbell has acquired companies like Bolthouse Farms, Plum Organics and Kelsen Group to diversify the product portfolio and expand into faster growth spaces.

Take a look back with some of these quick facts about Campbell Soup in 1954:

  • William Murphy was President of Campbell
  • Revenue was about $338 million
  • Lassie premiered in 1954 and Campbell was a life-long sponsor of the show

Watch the video below of Denise on CNBC sharing her consumer forecast, and discussing how Campbell is making products more available to consumers: