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Access and Insights: A Viewpoints Interview with Denise Morrison


Gerard Baker, Editor-in-Chief of Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal, sat down with President and CEO Denise Morrison for an exclusive Viewpoints interview to discuss topics such as the changing consumer, innovation, emerging markets and strategic growth.

“Campbell is reshaping our portfolio for a better growth trajectory,” said Morrison. “And I expect that it’s not that the core business we have will get smaller, that will grow modestly, but that the pie will get bigger. What will drive that is predominantly the growth in packaged fresh foods, the growth in health and well-being platforms, and the international expansion that we plan to do.”

Viewpoints is The Wall Street Journal’s executive discussion series where world-class leaders reveal key insights in dynamic, unscripted interviews amongst 150 senior business executives and thought leaders over breakfast.

Watch the full interview below, including Q&A with members of the audience, and see more Viewpoints interviews at The Wall Street Journal online.