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Improving the Health of Young People in Our Hometown


During this season of giving thanks, we are pleased to share the results from year three of the Campbell Healthy Communities program. With our partner organizations, we continued to advance efforts in four strategic areas focused on ensuring access to affordable and fresh foods; increasing physical activity in a safe environment; supporting healthy lifestyles through nutrition education and partnering with the community to advance positive social change. Year three results include:


  • Increasing enrollment of establishments in the Camden Healthy Corner Store Network.?Approximately 25% of all corner stores, a primary food distribution system in Camden, are enrolled in the Healthy Corner Store Network.
  • Reaching 515,000 hours of physical activity for children participating in the Campbell Healthy Communities program. One program in particular, Soccer for Success, expanded to a total of 19 sites and provided almost 700 children with a safe place to play after school, and helped to decrease obesity rates for children who participated by approximately 10 percent.
  • Providing more than 216,000 hours of nutrition education to prenatal mothers, school children and families.
  • Developing tools and processes for the collection and reporting of hunger and childhood obesity data in partnership with the Camden Coalition of Healthcare Providers and two local hospitals.

In September 2014, Campbell extended the program to other communities where we operate by launching Campbell Healthy Communities Henry County, in Napoleon, Ohio, home of Campbell’s largest manufacturing plant. Campbell Healthy Communities was also used as a framework for advancing the effectiveness of health and wellness programs across the food industry. Additional details of the program are reported in the Campbell Healthy Communities Annual Report.

Through the Campbell Healthy Communities program we continue to support our community’s children and families in attaining healthier lifestyles. We know the communities where we operate rely on us to help them thrive and this program demonstrates our commitment to what matters.