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Introducing Our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report and Website


Today Campbell is proud to publish our 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report and website. This marks our eleventh year of reporting on our progress. Here’s an excerpt of what our new CEO Mark Clouse shared with stakeholders.


Throughout my more than 20 years in the food business, I have long admired Campbell and the passion and commitment of the company and its people to be a positive force in the world. It is one of the many reasons why I am honored to be leading Campbell today, and why I am committed to building on our leadership in this area.

Campbell continues to have a strong foundation, as our Purpose, Real food that matters for life’s moments, and our values set a clear course to deliver on our commitments to all our stakeholders.

As we transform our company, we have recommitted to our brands, our products and the way we make our food to drive sustainable, profitable growth. We believe real food should be more accessible to all communities, where it can be part of, and even help improve, the overall quality of peoples’ lives.


Read the full letter and report here.