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Invoicing and Payments


Unless otherwise specified on the approved Purchase Order, Campbell’s standard payment terms will be 120 days from the later of (i) the receipt of satisfactory goods / services or (ii) the receipt of an accurate invoice.? Payments will then be processed on our next scheduled payment run. These new payment terms will more closely align Campbell with our industry peers and generate opportunities for future growth within Campbell as well as with our suppliers. To help our suppliers with this change we have partnered with SAP Ariba and Wells Fargo to offer several options for accelerated payment. Any exceptions to this policy must be agreed to by a procurement representative. To learn more about the accelerated payment options, reach out to supplierterm@campbellsoup.com.

Campbell is committed to making payments as quickly and efficiently as possible. As such, we want to inform you about the various invoicing methods available for you to do business with us. Following our procedures and requirements will help to ensure that payment is processed as quickly as possible.

Ariba Network

You will only be able to utilize the Ariba Network for invoicing of Purchase Orders that are issued to you via the Ariba Network directly. Purchase Orders will be sent to you electronically via the Ariba Network to your designated Purchase Order recipient. Features within Ariba will then allow you to ‘flip’ that Purchase Order into an invoice and submit it to Campbell. If a Purchase Order was delivered via the Ariba Network and you submit an invoice to us outside the Ariba Network, it will be rejected.

Please review your Ariba Network account to ensure it is properly configured and up to date. Pay particular attention to:

  • Purchase Order and invoice routing settings – Under Network Settings, check the Electronic Order Routing and Electronic Invoice Routing settings.
  • Notifications are enabled ? Under Network Settings, check Network Notifications.

If you have questions on how to submit an invoice via the Ariba Network, please reference the Ariba Network Invoice Guide.

Non-Ariba Network

If you are not on the Ariba Network and/or received a Purchase Order from Campbell from another system (i.e. SAP), then you must follow the instructions below.

Emailed invoices to Campbell for non-Ariba network suppliers should be sent to?accountspayable@campbellsoup.com. ?Invoices should meet the following requirements:

  • Must be in PDF or TIF format with only one invoice per file
  • Invoices that do not reference a PO number will be rejected
  • Ariba in-network supplier invoices will be rejected
  • This mailbox will not reply to invoice inquiries

Vendor Inquiries regarding invoices should be sent to:

Invoice inquiries: Email Invoicehotline@campbellsoup.com or call our toll free vendor hotline: 866-452-4416

Payment Term Inquiries: Payment_terms@campbellsoup.com